We design, manufacture and sell emergency luminaires, beacon lighting and signalling systems.

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We make an effort to know the needs of architecture, engineering and lighting design professionals first-hand, to offer them the most appropriate technical and aesthetic solutions.

We have advanced manufacture and quality control systems, in addition to a highly qualified human team and an R&D+i department to develop innovative products.

Our commitment to specialisation and internationalisation means we are present in countries on all five continents.




High power emergency lighting for mounting at a height in large interior spaces. The body of this projector is manufactured in aluminium and is suitable for ceiling or wall-mounting.

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Signalling and escape route lighting. Designed for both ceiling and wall-mounting. It consists of an aluminium section and a PETG sign with backlit pictographics.

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High efficiency emergency lighting, manufactured in aluminium and synthetic materials, designed for mounting in false ceilings. A diameter of 46 mm ensures minimum visual impact.

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Emergency luminaires designed for surface-mounting on ceilings. Manufactured in aluminium, it stands out due to its reduced size of just 22 millimetres thick and 120 millimetres long.

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  • hotel Coral suites

    Hotel Coral Suites

    Exceptional lighting design.

    The Hotel Coral Suites is located in Tenerife. This building has received multiple prizes for its meticulous design, including for its lighting.

    In this hotel, design is a key component of both the building and everything that happens in it. The idea is for the guest to feel their immersion in the environment and to do this the lighting plays a key role.

  • banco Santander

    Santander bank

    Debuting an new image.

    Santander bank has premièred its new image. And of course, their offices have also been renovated.

    This project shows how emergency luminaire Izar in black blends into its environment perfectly. Since it is a recessed luminaire that is the same colour as the ceiling, its integration with its environment is practically complete and the emergency luminaire can barely be seen.

  • Wanda metropolitano

    The Wanda Metropolitano

    High power emergency lighting designed specially for the stadium.

    The Wanda Metropolitano is the new stadium of Atlético de Madrid. In addition, it has received numerous prizes, including best stadium in the world in 2018.

    The large surface to cover and the significant heights required high power emergency lighting. As nothing similar existed, Daisalux designed the new Atria series, which turned out to be the ideal solution and a revolution in the market.

  • librería museo Louvre

    The bookshop of the of Louvre museum

    The perfect balance between safety and decoration.

    In addition to containing a large collection of books and of works of art, it is not only one of the largest art libraries in Europe but also the ideal establishment for finding the perfect gift.

    This space is a great example of how signalling luminaire helps achieve the balance between safety and decoration.

  • estación de Atocha

    Atocha Station

    A large space.

    The railway complex located at the centre of Madrid is one of the stations with the highest passenger traffic in the country.

    The large surfaces to cover meant a special solution was needed. In this case, the high ceilings make the Atria high-power emergency lighting the most effective solution.

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Daisalux and the new architecture. Founded in 1988, the company activities are focused on the development and manufacturing of emergency lighting, marker and signalling systems. The main aim of the company is to fully satisfy the requirements of its clients regardless of their origin, providing versatile and integral solutions to all project requirements, with a continuous adaptation to the new needs of the market.